Check Your Blood Pressure

Did you know your blood pressure could suddenly change and portend life threatening events, like a heart attack or a stroke and you might not even know you were in danger? Neither did I until it happened to my friend Sue-Ann.

There she was young vibrant active only 41, with a young family and a husband who adored her. She went to the doctor with a very sore hand, the result of a bike accident, and came back with a few bandaged fingers and a scary diagnosis.

Could Danger Really Lurk Here?

She had high blood pressure and it could lead to a heart attack or a stroke.

She phoned me and started to cry. Eventually I got the whole story out of her. Her doctor wanted her to go on some medication to lower her blood pressure which had shown up as 148/113. He had handed her a prescription, some information on ACE inhibitors and some information on lifestyle changes for dealing with high blood pressure and sent her home.
He had also told her she needed to start taking her blood pressure regularly and he wanted to see her again in a couple of weeks. She wanted me to go to the drug store with her to get her medication and to buy a blood pressure monitor.

She wanted to know what I knew about blood pressure monitors and blood pressure medications. What did I know? Why I knew absolutely nothing but I remembered at least that the internet would know more. I told her I would come over right away and not to panic. I asked her to make us both some tea so we could talk.

I quickly downloaded some information from the internet about ACE inhibitors, thank heavens for Google. The potential side effects and warnings were horrifying but we needed to know what she was facing. I put everything I could find on Ace inhibitors in one convenient place. Click here if you are interested.

Once at Sue-Ann’s place we cried and talked and I showed her what I had learned about Ace Inhibitors. They sounded helpful and she might not get the side effects we decided. We also did some research around blood pressure and blood pressure monitors and learned how they worked and what they measured. You can click here for that information.
I decided we both needed to buy a blood pressure monitor. After all you can’t tell what danger you are facing without one and this dangerous risk can show up out of the clear blue. You won’t even know you are in any danger.

Both Sue-Ann and I try to avoid medication of any sort, never mind these scary meds, so we researched natural remedies. It was good that Sue-Ann’s doctor had given her a pamphlet on lifestyle changes. We found one report called High Blood Pressure Remedies, and it turned out to have some excellent information, it was even recommended by some doctors. You can read more about it, just click here.

By the time we had read that whole report called, High Blood Pressure Remedy, we were both calming down and Sue-Ann’s condition didn’t seem quite so scary. For more information on that report click here.  We headed off to the drug store to buy our blood pressure monitors and get Sue-Ann’s medication.

The pharmacist at the drug store couldn’t have been nicer. She was such a sweet heart. She took my blood pressure 110/75. Whew it was good. Sue-Ann’s was still too high but the pharmacist listened to us tell her everything we could remember about life style changes from going through that report High Blood Pressure Remedy, and gave us some good news. She thought the lifestyle changes we had talked to her about would likely help a lot and, while she told Sue–Ann she should start taking the ACE inhibitor her doctor had recommended, she told us that it might not be necessary for Sue-Ann to take that medication for the rest of her life.

The pharmacist assured us that she knew people who had made lifestyle changes and adopted new habits and were able to throw the meds away. That sounded encouraging. Sue-Ann’s doctor had told her she would be taking those meds for the rest of her life.

The pharmacist helped us pick out a blood pressure monitor and showed us how to use it and she calibrated it for us so it would read our blood pressure accurately. She used the store’s blood pressure machine to help us set up our monitors. By the time we left the drug store we were feeling way better.

I knew Sue-Ann could now tell her family about her diagnosis of high blood pressure without bursting into tears and terrifying her family. I was going home to tell Bob, my husband, about the risks of high blood pressure suddenly showing up. I knew both Sue-Ann and I would make sure our husbands took their blood pressure, and we would all do so regularly.

I would recommend that anyone and everyone get a blood pressure monitor for your home or at the very least get it checked monthly. Lots of drug stores will check it for you for free. Otherwise you risk not realizing your blood pressure has suddenly sky-rocketed. Missing this could mean the difference between life and death so it is really important to get it checked often.
Know if there is a time bomb lurking inside of you, check your blood pressure.