Welcome to my blog.   I am an internet marketer living in Ocala Florida with my husband , Bob, and our two cats.

I am very aware of my material existence and my spiritual connection.  I loves knowing that there is a Universal Force field that connects us all and helps us all and supports us all.  All I/we have to do is let it.

I believe that most of the time Nature’s way is far better than anything man can create, but some men are terrific at using natural products and combining them to create even more powerful forms.  This is co-creating with nature using Nature’s powers.

I love the internet as it is like the Magic Force Field that surrounds each and everyone of us and it connects the world.  What we can learn today in a nano second it took our forefathers many life times to learn, and much of the information was not even available to them.

While I love using natural remedies and treatments I am well aware that sometimes aliopathic doctors are the way to go.  I  use a doctor when something is broken as they repair it quickly and perfectly but I use Mother Nature when the problem is chronic.  Together their power is amazing.

In addition to natural remedies I love the internet for its ability to share financial information and in this regard I am a contrarian trader, and I follow many of the contrarains.  You may see some money ideas on these pages that really give you pause.  That is OK.  My job is to make you think not to spoon feed you


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